Today's softswitching equipment provides extreme flexibility with a small footprint; however, frequently these highly sophisticated applications struggle to meet the demands of today's telecommunications provider. Many of today's carriers are trying to squeeze a small profit from each call minute. Having the ability to change routing as soon as new rates are received is critical. SoftCP's least cost routing application makes this possible by moving the softswitch's routing function to an independent server.

SoftCP's slcr application focuses solely on the carriers' routing needs while allowing the softswitch to focus on protocol and packetization functions needed to complete next generation calls. The result is typically huge gains in both routing and provisioning performance. 

***SoftCP's slcr application has helped reduce one carrier's route loading time from 30 days down to 7 minutes!

Least cost routing algorithms can be either fixed partitions or dynamic revenue/cost based decision matrices. Quality of service filters, skips and route exceptions allow the operator to maintain precise control to accommodate the needs of today's telecommunications networks.

SLCR's support for both SUA and SIP protocols also provide the ability to centralize routing for the entire network, even when the carrier's network contains products from multiple vendors. This eliminates the need to continually update routing tables on multiple switching platforms.

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